Trumpet - composition

D.C. has been playing as a sideman for different jazz, salsa, reggae and funk outfits since 1994.
Member of Disfunktion, a band famous (and infamous) on the Swiss and French funk scene for more than ten years. He took composing and arranging credits on two of the bandÍs major albums: the 1996, Le Fluide and Addicted in 2003.

Nowadays heÍs blowing his horn with bands SOLO DOS (Universal Music Suisse), MOONRAISERS (Damp Productions), as well as propping up the brass section of A Few Good Men, a barmy army of eighteen instrumentalists who cover the best and the rest of the classic seventies and eighties funk catalogue. As a sideman heÍs touted his trumpet for just about everybody whoÍs anybody on the Swiss music scene: Jazzorange, Almendra, Brainless, Swiss Reggae Unity, Turning Point, Samuel Blunier, le Big Band de l'Ecole de Jazz de Montreux.

He joined FAVARD in 2003.