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Work in progress !
Favard is actually preparing a new album with several artist, we will get back as soon as possible with new song you could DOWNLOAD !
Cheers. Vincent & Denis

FAVARD - Emotion
Opus One
Comprising ten original compositions, Emotion is a treasure-trove of thoroughly accomplished musical surprises. A veritable voyage of discovery through the interlinking universes of geographical space, cultural diversity and musical mood, Emotion transports the listener far from the stress and tedium of day-to-day existence. Climb aboard. Kick back. Chill out. And then just follow the sounds: from the Britpop influences of swinging old England to the delicate atonal filigree of traditional China. From the pungent coffee, Gauloises cigarettes and moody accordion of Parisian cafés to the lush colours and Latino beats of tropical Costa Rica.